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  • Contact us today! Our whiskey cask experts are on hand to talk you through the whiskey investment process and to answer any questions you might have.
  • Prefer face-to-face meetings? You’re more than welcome to visit us at the Boann distillery to discuss all things whiskey and of course, a private tour and tasting.
  • Together, we will build a tailored investment proposal and finalise your cask offer.
  • Once you have reviewed and accepted the proposal, we will issue all relevant information documents and invoice for payment.
  • Upon receipt of payment, cask ownership is transferred to you (or a nominee). You will receive confirmation of ownership from us and the bonded warehouse where your cask is stored.
  • Watch your investment grow! It is now time to let your whiskey mature. We recommend a period of 5 years, which is why we cover 5 years insurance and storage in a government bonded warehouse. However, the longer you age the whiskey, the more sought after and valuable it will become.
  • When it is time to exit your investment, we will be on hand to help you find the most suitable exit strategy to maximize your returns.

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Why Invest In Irish Whiskey?

  1. Solid returns from casks of ageing whiskey have been achieved over many years. Investing in ageing barrels of whiskey is an asset-backed mix of risk and reward.
  2. The whiskey market, specifically Irish whiskey, has annually grown by double digits for more than two decades.
  3. Unlike most commodities, whiskey increases in quality and value as It grows old. It Is also a major exported product where demand currently outstrips the supply
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Irish Whiskey By Numbers

  1. Irish whiskey has grown from 5 million cases in 2015 to 12 million cases in 2020. This figure is projected to grow to 20 million cases by 2030.
  2. The value of Irish whiskey exports Is approximately €890 million. Correspondingly, Irish whiskey is now sold in 140 markets globally.
  3. Irish whiskey is the third-fastest growing spirits category in the world by both revenue and volume.
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Boann Distillery

We are based at the Boann Distillery in Drogheda, Ireland. Our partnership with the distillery allows us to purchase new make spirit at below-market rates. Ultimately, allowing us to offer superior value to our investors.

Boann Distillery was awarded the title of both Irish and World’s Best New Make Spirit at the 2021 World Whiskey Awards and World’s Best Grain at the 2022 Awards.

The distillery specialises in the production of single pot still Irish whiskey. This is the original and quintessential Irish whiskey style.

This trail-blazing distillery and its superior Single Pot Still whiskey is what will differentiate your investment from others, ultimately increasing the value of your investment.

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