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Whiskey Investment Club

The Whiskey Investment Club is here to make whiskey cask investment easy for private investors and institutions. We will guide you through every step of the process, helping you add whiskey casks to your investment portfolio. The Whiskey Investment Club offers a bespoke service to private clients, family offices and fund managers.

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Cask whiskey Experts

We are specialised cask whiskey experts and wholesalers based at Boann Distillery in Drogheda, Co. Meath, Ireland. We offer private individuals access to the exclusive world of wholesale premium cask whiskey ownership.

It is a sector once reserved for a select group of industry insiders, but we offer the opportunity to tap into the booming global whiskey market: to buy, hold and sell on for prophet: or to bottle and enjoy.

Our Whiskey

We source whiskey casks from Ireland’s best and most innovative distilleries. We specialise in Single pot still whiskey as this is the quintessential Irish whiskey style, and we are confident that single Irish pot still will deliver a superior return on investment over the mid to long term. These distilleries specialise in the production of single pot still Irish whiskey – this is the original and quintessential Irish whiskey style.

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Your Reasons To Invest

Why Invest In Irish Whiskey?
  1. Solid returns from casks of ageing whiskey have been achieved over many years. Investing in ageing barrels of whiskey is an asset-backed mix of risk and reward.
  2. The whiskey market, specifically Irish whiskey, has annually grown by double digits for more than two decades.
  3. , Unlike most commodities, whiskey increases in quality and value as It grows old; it Is also a major exported product where demand currently outstrips the supply
Irish whiskey by numbers
  • Irish whiskey has grown from 5 million cases in 2015 to 12 million cases in 2020 and is projected to grow to 20 million cases by 2030.
  • The value of Irish whiskey exports Is approximately €890 milIion.  Irish whiskey is sold in 140 markets globally.
  • Whiskey is the fasted growing spirits category of the past decade with sales volumes up 140%
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Cask Offers

For decades, whiskey cask ownership was only available to industry insiders (typically the distilleries and brand owners). Investment opportunities in whiskey casks were few and far between, especially those outside the distilleries. Thankfully that has all changed. We have negotiated a long term partnership with a leading Irish whiskey distillery, offering our clients access to award-winning new make spirit at discounted prices.

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