US-based BevAlc Insights talks about Irish whiskey’s future growth in their 2022 forecast. According to them, Irish whiskey’s trajectory will continue to go upward because consumers are starting to appreciate its versatility better.

The category appeals to a broader age gap. Newcomers, particularly millennials, who are discovering Irish whiskey as they look for an elevated, higher-quality drink.

Irish Whiskey by numbers:

The rapidly-expanding whiskey investment has seen dramatic gains in recent years.

– Data from Drinks Ireland’s Irish Whiskey 2010-2022 Report.

Irish Whiskey has shown continuous growth over the past decade. Sales continue to soar high, and investments are rife. It’s also astonishing to learn that the four distilleries in 2010 grew to over 40 distilleries today, with many more being built. These prove that the “liquid gold” stands true to its name.

Are the numbers too good to be true? Take it from the experts.

Whiskey Insights from the Experts:

Whiskey experts see a very promising future for whiskey investment, both in bottles and casks. Katharine Swindells writes in Spear’s Magazine that is a good alternative investment and an “exciting option for those who want to diversify their portfolio.”

Whiskey is considered a safe investment with minimal risks, even in times of economic uncertainty. The spirit continued to yield high profits at the height of the pandemic despite the closure of bars and restaurants. Rare bottles of whiskey also made record-breaking sales at auctions in the year 2020, while Irish whiskey brand Jameson had a 15% growth in the US market, according to a September 2021 report.

Steve Bishop, the founder of Elite Wine & Whiskey, explains, “Whiskey is drunk both in times of jubilation and commiseration, hence the overall market remains optimistic throughout the years.”

He adds, “Due to whiskey appreciating in price as the casks age, the asset has the ability to hold its value even in times of uncertainty.”

Whiskey Insights from the Experts:

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